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Photography by Helen Hoffman

Ethically Made Cakes

My wedding cakes are made using the best organic and sustainable ingredients. This not only makes them super tasty and beautiful but guilt-free too! 

I work hard to use as little plastic as possible in the packaging and products I use in my kitchen, from the local eggs and butter we buy, through to the boxes your cakes arrive in. 

Furney Copse Farm

Free range eggs

Berkley Farm Dairy 

Organic milk and butter

Willow’s Choice

Sugarcane bagasse cling film

If You Care

Compostable baking paper and recycled kitchen foil

Callebaut chocolate and cocoa

(cocoa horizons 100% sustainable and traceable chocolate)

Native Vanilla

Organic, traceable Vanilla Bean pods

Box Secure boxes

One Way

Bio-based piping bags  

Bright Earth

Cleaning products 


Photography by Katherine & Her Camera

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