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Top 4 Wedding Cake Trends of 2023

Updated: May 22

The 2023 wedding season is nearly upon us and with it come the trends of the year!

Every year brings with it a host of new wedding trends – where they come from, nobody knows. But 2023’s cakes have got some incredible looks going on, let me give you the lowdown!

Florals Are Going to Be Huge!

And they’ll be everywhere! Not just with flowers surrounding your cake, but also within your cake itself! Edible flowers really are a thing now and why shouldn’t your wedding cake look as gorgeous as your garden?

Not only this, but prepare to see flowers actually pressed into your cake, a beautiful subtle way of incorporating your colour scheme and florals into the edible elements of the day. Your wedding cake design can be as opulent or as simple as you like, and I love these dried flowers for a rustic wedding look.

Or why not go big or go home? Big floral styles, including Flower Meadows are going to be a huge trend in 2023, and why not? There’s nothing like flowers to signify a wedding.

Edible Pearls – Why not?

Want to be fancy? Do it!

No longer does your wedding cake need to have simple icing, the sky really is the limit with the decoration you can add to your cake. We’ll be seeing a lot of this sort of detailing on wedding and celebration cakes in 2023 and I am so excited to get my creative cap on and get baking!

Pearls have always been popular at weddings, partly because they’re so beautiful and versatile, but also are also associated with good luck and longevity – perfect for a marriage! As well as your veil, jewellery and décor, include edible pearls in your cake to carry the theme throughout your whole day.

Gold leaf is no longer seen as the preserve of the rich and wealthy – it’s everywhere now! If you’ve designed gold into your colour scheme, why shouldn’t your cake have it too? Check out this elegant autumnal ganache finished cake decorated with gold leaf for a wedding last year!

Bring Your Colour Scheme to Your Cake

White and boring? Out! Your cake should reflect your personality as much as the rest of your

wedding day, so let it stand out! You can do this by surrounding your cake with flowers, as mentioned above, or you can let the cake itself do the talking.

Your wedding cake is one of the focal points of your day, so don’t let it be ignored in a corner. Check out this bold beauty which features a stunning flower meadow from Flowers by Becky, aaaallll the colour and texture you could possibly want!

Dessert Tables

For those of you who don’t want to make their cake a focal centre of the wedding day, dessert tables are going to be the perfect option!

A cost effective choice, guests can help themselves to cake pops, doughnuts, personalised shortbread or cupcakes, all in flavours you’ve chosen! As a centrepiece of the table, many couples do choose to have a small cake that they can cut for the traditional photo!

I hope this has given you some inspiration and enabled you to think outside the box a little bit with planning your wedding cake, but don’t forget that your wedding cake artist will also have plenty of ideas too so always ask if you need help!

And if you’d like to chat all things cake with someone who absolutely loves creating them, then click here -

Have a great weekend!

Olivia x

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