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How to Look After Your Summer Wedding Cake

My it's been warm lately hasn't it! We usually get some lovely warm weather for a fair bit of the summer but the last few weeks have been continuous sunshine, and I for one, LOVE it. Wedding cakes however, do not. It’s a sight absolutely no one wants to see on their wedding day - a melting wedding cake. This can happen for many reasons but luckily, they’re all preventable! 

Melting ice cream

I’m Olivia from Olivia bakes and I am a wedding cake artist specialising in bespoke, sustainable and beautiful ganache wedding cakes in Hampshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas. If you follow my advice, your summer wedding cake will not melt! 

Wedding cake artist putting the finishing touches to a cake

Choosing Your Wedding Cake Artist

First things first, choose a wedding cake artist that plans for the warm weather. All my wedding cakes are finished in white chocolate ganache. This layer of delicious fudgey chocolate sets very firmly in the fridge and is much more stable than buttercream. Did you know it's what fondant cakers use underneath their fondant to keep their cakes stable - I use it on the outside, as it's a wonderful medium and is waaaay tastier than fondant (in my opinion!).

Two tier pressed flower wedding cake in chocolate ganache

Keep your cake away from sources of heat

This sort of goes without saying, you would never place your cake next to a radiator! But in peak wedding season we have that little thing to think about called the sun. Yes, it’s tempting to place your beautiful wedding cake in a sunny spot so all your guests can admire it, but this is not good at all for the cake! Try to display your cake in a sheltered place, away from direct sunlight. If you choose a spot that is shady but has natural light it will have the added benefit of photographing beautifully.

Couple cutting a wedding cake

When your wedding cake artist delivers your cake, they will check the planned location is out of direct sun and not at risk but it's always better to plan this in advance and include it in your event plan.

Couple next to their wedding cake

Add some cold air

In addition to keeping heat away from your cake, it’s a great idea to actually cool it down! Putting our cake in front of, or near, an air conditioning unit (ideal for a marquee wedding!), is perfect! 

Couple cutting their cake

Don’t put your cake out too early

If the English weather does what it’s done in previous years and you have a seriously hot wedding day, then I would advise not putting your cake out until just before your guests arrive. I deliver my summer wedding cakes an hour or two before guests arrive for your ceremony, so that I can keep it in the fridge for as long as possible. The long chilling time means the core of the cake is very cold and the ganache finish locks the cool in, allowing your cake to slowly come to room temperature just in time to cut it! This means it will not only not melt, but it will be a perfectly delectable texture by the time it is served.

My inbox is always open to chat about cake options for your wedding - why not contact me here?

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