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Hello lovely Cakey people! I’m Olivia, welcome to the Olivia bakes blog!

Why am I writing to you? Most likely because you, like me, are a keen baker, watcher of Bake Off and aspirational maker of cakes for your loved ones! I am currently a full time buttercream cake artist, but my real love of baking began when I was just around 3 or 4. My mum inspired me the most, despite now insisting that she was a terrible baker and can’t believe how fondly I remember her amazing, creative cakes! She made birthday cakes that I remember so clearly for me and my big sister. Especially the train, the toadstool and the barbie ones! 🥰 These days she’s an avid baker of bread and makes an epic wheel of delicious sourdough each and every day! (One day I’ll master bread…but not this day)

Back in the 90’s (I know) she spent hours getting messy with me making salt dough, jam tarts and mince pies 😋 My nana was a great baker too and I always enjoyed getting stuck into whatever she was making when I visited. Her rock buns though were notorious for being true to their name…! 😂

Why am I telling you this long winded story? (You’re going to have to get used to this I’m afraid - one of my classic story features is their unnecessary length!) There is a point to this one though I promise! The point is that we all start our baking journeys in different places, but so often they start with being introduced to it by someone we love. Perhaps, like mine, your Grandad makes an amazing simnel cake, (but my lovely Poppy is in a class of his own when it comes to baking, so more of him another day), or maybe your childhood friend loved cooking scones after school with you, to guzzle with lots of butter fresh from the oven. Whatever it is, I’d love to hear your baking stories and will be sharing some of my own here, alongside my favourite tried and tested recipes and handy tips to help you make your showstoppers the most spectacular and the most fun.

I have had grand plans to make a start on this for months now, but to be honest, life kept getting in the way. Finally I realised there would ALWAYS be something, so here I am, showing up before I’m ready!! Keen to share my knowledge with all you lovely home bakers out there!

Why am I writing a blog though? Because, frankly I want to share some of the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the last few years of working as a professional baker and cake artist. In the beginning, I found so many of my recipe tests and useful tips from generous bakers sharing their skills through blogs and it felt like it was about time to give something back to the home baking community!

Thanks for being here to share this journey with me!

Happy Caking


Ob x

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