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Pride Month: You’re in safe hands with Olivia bakes

Couple touch heads under veil

Pride Month 2023 has come to an end, but I wanted to round off Olivia bakes celebration of the LGBTQIA+ community with a short reminder of why we have a Pride Month in the first place, why we still need it in 2023 to create positive awareness and why it is not about changing your logo to a rainbow flag (We're looking at you Marks and Spencer...).

Sadly, the LGBTQIA+ community as individuals often don't see themselves represented in many industries and in their day to day life, suffer from feeling invisible and undervalued and this is true of the wedding industry too.

Couple on their wedding day

As a luxury wedding cake supplier, I know how important it is that all my couples feel seen and valued, regardless of their personal orientation. As part of Olivia bakes celebration of Pride Month this year, I want to make it clear that whether you’re a same s*x couple, identify as transgender or non binary, or any other part of this colourful and diverse community, I want you to know that you can feel 100% safe working with me as your wedding cake artist.

Please excuse me if my language is a little clumsy in this post, we’re all on our own journey of how best to express ourselves around this topic. (I'm definitely still learning!) But I do my utmost to make everyone feel welcome and to make Olivia bakes the most inclusive place it can be.

Couple in their wedding crowns

I try to always use inclusive language, like “partner” or “couple” – no assumptions here. I will also familiarise myself with your pronouns, and if I get them wrong please tell me! I will never assume, but I also want to make you feel heard and valued.

In every social media post, (not just during Pride Month!) I try to make it obvious that I am a safe pair of hands for you to work with, and all couples are welcome to book me as their wedding cake artist!

Couple with their wedding cake

Whether you’re booking a photographer, florist, musician or wedding cake baker, planning a wedding can be stressful and your suppliers can end up becoming much more to you than just the job you’ve hired them to do. So I’m here for your worries and concerns and with cake advice aplenty – but also to share in your wonderful day and celebrate you as a couple!

Get in touch with me here if you want to chat all things cake!

Olivia x

Photo Shoot Dream Teams and Recommended Suppliers:

Top two images:

Concept/Photographer/Organiser: Katherine and her Camera

Concept/Wedding Cake Artist/Organiser: Olivia bakes

Concept/Flowers/Organiser: Flowers by Becky

Styling: Lichen and Lights

Venue: MapleDurham House with Taylor Made Wedding Planning

Models: Bella and Becca

Hair Styling: Alida K Hair

MUA: Rachel Maslin Make Up Artist

Dresses: Nortier Shallow

Hair vine and Jewellery: Bish Bosh Becca

Stationery: Love Flora

Bottom two images:

Concept/Photographer: Katherine and her Camera

Concept/Wedding Cake Artist/Organiser: Olivia bakes

Flowers: Flowers by Becky

Styling: Lichen and Lights

Venue: Silchester Farm

Models: The Queer Nomads

Hair Styling: Alida K Hair

MUA: Rachel Maslin Make Up Artist

Dresses/Styling/Suit/headpieces: Velvet Queen

Leaf Crown and Jewellery: Bish Bosh Becca

String Trio: Halo Strings

Stationery: Love Flora

Backdrop and table decor: Lo and Behold Bespoke

Cake stand: Bramble Sky

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